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Finance and Performance Committee

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Name, Address1, Address2, Address3, Address4, Postcode, Phone, Mobile, Email
Councillor Gareth Taylor, c/o Democratic Services, Moorlands House, Leek, , ST13 6HQ, , ,
Councillor Michael Worthington, 97 Folly Lane, Cheddleton, Leek, , ST13 7DA, , 07507 066911,
Councillor Jo Cox, 42 Newcastle Road, Leek, , , ST13 5RU, , 07715 158726,
Councillor Elsie Fallows, Eavesford Farm, Whiston, Staffordshire Moorlands, , ST10 2JF, , 07860 188830,
Councillor Andrew Hart, The Granary Woodhouse Farm, Woodhouse Lane, Biddulph, , ST8 7RJ, 01782 379431, ,
Councillor Mark Johnson, 12 Hawthorn Terrace, Leek, , , ST13 6AW, , 07900 491332,
Councillor Adam Parkes, 9 Halls Road, Biddulph, Staffordshire, , ST8 6DD, , 0794 956 1995,
Councillor Edwin Wain, Manifold House, Waterhouses, Staffordshire Moorlands, , ST10 3JS, 01538 308269, ,
Councillor Matthew Spooner, c/o Democratic Services, Moorlands House, Leek, , ST13 6HQ, , 07854 178614,
Councillor Andrew Church, Gateways, Stoney Lane, Endon, , ST9 9BX, 01782 505223, 07970 235057,