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Application for the Grant of a Premise Licence for Tigerbite, 3 Smithfield Centre, Leek, Licensing Sub-Committee (SMDC) - Monday, 4th December, 2023 1.00 pm

Venue: The Council Chamber, Moorlands House, Leek

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Application for the Grant of a Premise Licence for Tigerbite, 3 Smithfield Centre, Leek ST13 5JW pdf icon PDF 154 KB

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Tigerbite, 3 Smithfield Centre, Leek ST13 5JW


Meeting:       Monday 4th December 2023 at 1 pm

Present:        Councillor K Hoptroff (Chairman)

                    Councillor G Bentley

                    Councillor B Hughes

                    N de Bruin - Senior Legal Officer

Applicant:      Leek Fast Food Ltd represented by:  Mr P Adams - Operations Manager, Tigerbite.

Objector:      Environmental Health Section Staffordshire Moorlands District Council, represented by Mr D Colgan, Senior Environmental Health Officer

For the Licensing Authority:  M Towers, Senior Licensing Officer and Mrs S Bradbury, Licensing Officer

Observing: Mohammed Shakil -  Director of Tigerbite Franchise Ltd, James Lancett - Operations Team, Tigerbite and Ms K Ashdown from the Sentinel.



The hearing was called to consider an application by Leek Fast Food Ltd to grant a Premises Licence in respect of Tigerbite, 3 Smithfield Centre, Leek ST13 5JW.

No interests were declared.

Mr Adams, Mr Colgan and Mr Towers addressed the Sub-Committee.

The Sub-Committee also took into account the written report, S182 guidance (as amended) and Staffordshire Moorlands ‘Statement of Licensing Policy’ before coming to a decision.

The Senior Legal Officer drew members attention to the case of Daniel Thwaites plc v Wirral Borough Magistrates Court as well as paragraphs 9.42 to 9.45 of the 182 guidance specifically.  



To grant the Premises Licence as applied for subject to the following additional conditions:

  1. the additional conditions suggested by the Police as set out on page 8 of the committee report with the following amendments to the first sentence of bullet point one: 

·       CCTV, including audible recording, must be installed and cover all internal/external areas that form part of the premises, and the parking area immediately the rear to be used by delivery drivers for the premises.

And the first bullet point on page 9 of the committee report as follows:

·       The CCTV system must be maintained so as to be fully operational and recording continually whilst the premises are operating licensable activities and during all times when customers are on the premises.

And the fourth bullet point on page 9 of the committee report as follows:

·       There must be notices displayed throughout the premises and on the wall outside to the rear stating that CCTV is in operation.


  1. Access and service in person to members of the public shall cease at midnight.  At midnight the door(s) to the serving area to the front of the premises to the A523 shall be locked.  Blinds to the front windows and door(s) shall be installed and closed at midnight so as toprevent views from outside of any activity in the premises, the illuminated sign to the frontage shall be extinguished.


  1. From midnight the premises shall operate strictly as a delivery only service.  Deliveries shall take place via the premises’ rear door utilising the premises’ own employed drivers only and delivering exclusively to a fixed place of abode or business premises.


Reasons for the decision

The Sub-Committee carefully considered what the environmental health officer and the applicanthad to say.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.